Lots of people struggle with "What to get Mom for Mother's Day".  I know I do.  But I think that if you think about your Mom and about the things that she likes and does, it should be pretty easy.  I'll give you an example...

Me for instance.  I like many things. I like food.  I like books.  I like a nice relaxing pedicure or perhaps a massage(although I've never had a professional one). I like naps(absolutely on this one!).   I love my children of course.  So, I think that for me, it's a pretty simple thing.

Here's what I think I would like:

  1. To sleep in.  Leave me be, just until 9 a.m. or 10 a.m. That's all I ask.
  2. Breakfast made by the time I am up.  Mmmm, Remember, I like bacon and sausage!
  3. A great big hug and kiss from each of my kids.  I love me hugs and kisses from them.  What mother doesn't though, right?
  4. Church with the family.  What a great way to start the day.  Jesus so loved the world, that he gave them Mother's! We need to say thank you for providing such an awesome person(ha, ha).
  5. More food.  Well, come on.  It's lunch time now right? I'm thinking either sushi or seafood of some sort(crab or lobster).  Yum!
  6. Nap time! I've got to sleep of the food coma.  Let me just nap for an hour or so.
  7. GIFTS from the heart.  Ha, ha.  A hand written card from the youngsters, maybe the little heart projects they make you at school to take home.  These are always soo super sweet.  From the older one and my hubby? Maybe a certificate for a massage, pedicure, hair salon or the likes.  But also could be for BOOKS!  I REALLY love to read.  So this is always a great option. I don't need all of this I hope you know.  I'm not greedy.  But I wouldn't mind a couple.
  8. Just time with the family, together.  We could watch a movie and snuggle.  Play outside if the weathers nice.  Just be together.
  9. Is it dinner time yet?  Yay!  Leftovers perhaps?  All I know, is please don't make me do the dishes.
  10. A hug and kiss and a sweet good night.

There you have it.  Dang, now that I'm looking at that, it looks like a lot.  Am I asking for too much?  Nahhh.  But really, the most important thing of all, is just to be with them.  Although, I wouldn't really mind having a great book to read! Ha, ha!