I had to run to the west end this afternoon and on my way back, I experienced an extremely annoying situation.  What, you may ask? The intersection at 13th and Grand Avenue!

Why in the hell is there not a darn turn signal there? It was a little after 5:00 p.m. and so there was the more than usual traffic, but what in the heck?  How come no one has done something about this? I sat there for over 15 minutes trying to turn left up 13th Street!

And let me tell you another thing, the oncoming traffic didn't care one bit that I'd been sitting there forever! I hate getting stuck in traffic! Billings has tons of construction going on, do they really look at what is needed?  Do we really need round-abouts? Or maybe we could just add a few turn signals here and there?

What do you think?  Where in town have you experienced the same or similar situation?  Let me know! Let our voices be heard!