How Do Teachers Stay Healthy?
I used to be that person who never got sick, but apparently those days are over. I'm on my second cold of 2019 and it's February. I suppose I could blame my aging body that I don't take proper care of, but I still choose to blame my daughter and the germ factories she hangs out with…
New Anti-Snoring Treatment Puts Red Hot Probes Up Your Nose
There is a new treatment available now, but I don't think I have ever loved anyone enough to put myself through this medieval torture. Two metal rods are heated up to 140 degrees and then shoved up the snorer's nose. In many cases, this burns and shrinks some of the tissue causing the bl…
All 2,100 Payless Shoe Stores Closing
In the case of Payless, they're not only dealing with online giants, but other brick and mortar giants who not only carry many of the same brands, but also sell groceries, car batteries and pet food.

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