I am stoked!  I found out just recently that my t.v. idol Andrew Zimmern from the show "Bizarre Foods", "Bizarre World" and Bizarre Americas", on the Travel Channel, is going to be in Deadwood, SD, this weekend!

Which just happens to be about 15 minutes or so away from where I grew up as a kid! My folks still live just outside of Whitewood, SD.  So what am I doing this weekend?  Can anybody say "Road Trip"?!  I can!

He's going to be at The Deadwood Mountain Grande for a show, this weekend to help launch their "Forks, Corks & Kegs" festival.  He's even going to cook for us!  I think duck(groin)?  Sounds...interesting, doesn't it?  I'm pretty stoked too and I'm going to get to go to a private session with him as well.  I hope I don't choke and sound stupid if I get to visit with him!

If you're not familiar with who he is.  Here's an episode from one of his shows.  Beware if you have a sensitive stomach! He eats everything!

They don't call it "Bizarre" for nothing do they? Ha, ha!  I love it!  I probably couldn't eat half the stuff he does, but I would love to travel and try it out! I would probably be able to, if it meant traveling the world like he does!

I will post pics and hopefully video next week, after I get back from there.  I'm super excited and can't wait to share the experience with you!  Wish me luck!