I'm just going to come out and say it, 'Big Trouble in Little China' is John Carpenter's greatest film he ever made. That of course will piss off some purists. But if you like to be entertained by your movies and happen to have a subscription to Netflix, you are for one hell of a nostalgic trip down kick ass movies from the 80's.


This is one of several John Carpenter movies that stars Kurt Russell, and one of several in which he's the lead character. I'm not going to bother with explaining the plot to you, because that's half the fun of the movie. What I will do though is ask that refrain from taking anything too seriously, the movie doesn't take itself seriously and neither should you.

When you sit down to watch this movie you're going to be treated to 100 minutes of hyper-stylized sets, awesome and cheesy one-liners, and some really fun 80's style action sequences. Like I said, you can't take this movie very seriously. It's one of those flicks that you turn on on a Sunday afternoon and just sit back and shut your brain off for a couple hours.

Here's a Behind the Scenes look at 'Big Trouble in Little China':

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