And now for the funniest local story you'll read this week.  A Billings comedian is behind bars after threatening to stab the owner of the bar where he performed on Saturday night.

In honor of Nathan Shike's killer set last Saturday at the Red Door Lounge, here's the Top 5 Jokes Overheard at a Billings Open Mic Night.

5.  Did you hear about the guy from Billings who just tried comedy for the first time?  He thought he'd take a stab at it.

4.  Did you hear about the Billings comedian who attacked a heckler with a baby?  He should have used a knife instead.

3.  Did you hear about the Billings comedian who quit his job?  He couldn't stand the daily grind.

2.  Have you heard the old saying "the pen is mightier than the sword"?  Try telling that to a Billings comedian.

1.  What's really shiny and hurts your eyes?  A Billings comedian with a knife.

Too soon?

That's my time.  You've been a wonderful audience.  Try the veal, folks.  I'm here all week.