This weeks local talent pick is the Skyview Falcons Cheerleading Team! Not only do they do a good performance...their music picks are above par(for me anyways).

What does that mean exactly?  Well, they dance to some Nelly, Pitbull and even Michael Jackson's "Thriller"! Now you know it has to be good! Check out this video I found of them on!

I felt a bit weird about all the gyrating movements, song choice and such though, as I have a daughter their age and in this school.  When I caught myself thinking that they were way to young to be dancing like that..I almost slapped myself in the face. I realized at that exact moment. That. I.Am.Getting.Old. Ha, ha.  Man, I didn't even see that coming.

The girls honestly did do a great job.  Way to make your teams proud ladies! We're proud to be Skyview Falcons! If you know of students in town, from any school that have great talent like these girls, let me know in the comments below!