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Fraud Alert Right Here In Billings
I follow The Billings Police Department on Facebook for a number of reasons. One I like to know what is going on around town, and two sometimes they are a total hoot and post some super funny stuff! This post is not on of those. This is a scam that is happening right here in Billings...
Elderly Man Dies During Carjacking
This breaks my heart so bad. What is wrong with people? This tragic incident happened last night around 8 p.m. over by Lewis and Clark Middle School. Billings Police have arrested the man responsible taking this mans life. He is a 58 year old from North Carolina...
Zoo Montana Has New Babies
We have some new pups at Zoo Montana! When I saw those little nuggets my heart was so happy. They have from what it sounds like defied the odds of staying alive. It is so sad that their mom didn't take to them, but the good thing is how the staff at Zoo Montana did...
Montana Avenue Magic
Downtown Billings is about to light up in a big way! Despite our terrible temperatures and record snowfall this plan is in motion right now. A team of awesome people who specialize in lighting are here to make our magic city that much more magic...
Stabbing In Downtown and Headless Body Found
I've constantly heard that Billings is a safe place to live and raise children but between the two recent news stories below, an insane increase in car thefts/break ins and even stuff being stolen in my own neighborhood I am starting to think it's…
Free Dental Clinic This Friday
If you are in need of some free dental work then make sure to mark your calendar for THIS Friday, November 17th.
From 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. the following 8 locations will be offering your choice for one free service (filling, extraction, cleaning):
Thomas Smile Designs
1501 14th St W, Ste 215
Haslam …

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