Moss Mansion Christmas Tree Tour
The Moss Mansion has had their Wednesday night Christmas Tree Tours going on since Thanksgiving and they'll be wrapping up next week. I took some family last night and thought I would share a couple of thoughts on the experience.
Billings’ Krispy Kreme – Won’t Be Much Longer
Apparently it had been a while since I had been on Central Ave. west of 24th because I was shocked on Wednesday to see how far the new Krispy Kreme had come along. I'm not sure how this location will work for them (like I said, it had been quite a while since I had driven that way); however I k…
Places To Escape Billings For The Holidays Under $600
If you are looking to do something new this year for the holidays and have the itch to get out of Billings but think it's too late to book anything for cheap... think again! I just looked for round trip airfare (per person) to the following destinations:

New York City - $565
Las Vegas - $291
Palm …
Secret Rock Painter in Billings Neighborhood
It has been just over a year since I learned about the 'lawn gnome-napping' in Josephine Crossing. A neighbors lawn gnome went missing but then it mysteriously appeared back in its place but with a photo album full of pictures of the gnome on vacation somewhere sunny and with pretty beache…
Red Lodge Christmas Stroll THIS Weekend
I've been waiting since last December for this years Red Lodge Christmas Stroll and I can't believe it is this weekend already! This Friday and Saturday, December 1 and 2, are the dates for the 2017 stroll.

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