KISS FM Weekend Pre-Funk
97.1 KISS FM wants to hook you up with the best concert tickets, gift certificates and movie passes that get you geared up and ready for the weekend.  Every Thursday at 5pm Jenn Parker is going to be hitting the streets of Billings with the KISS prize-mobile...
KISS Castaways Contest: Day 3 Recap [Photos]
We are down to three castaways after day three of the competition. I'm pretty sure everyone is super excited to see who wins so that they can go home and shower! Can't say I don't blame them.
The morning competition was a good ol' game of trivia...
KISS Castaways Contest: Day 2 Recap [Photo]
Day 2 of challenges went well. This morning, both teams partook in a 'milking' competition. The original idea was that we would have teams milk dairy cows but we found out there are no dairy cows at the MontanaFair this year soooo we came up with a spin off of milking a cow...
KISS Castaways Contest: Day 1 Recap [Photos]
The KISS Castaways contest has begun and our contestants are doing pretty good so far! Who's going to win the $2,000? Too early to tell at this point but each contestant definitely has their own personal advantage whether it be age, outdoor skills or being a parent...
KISS Castaways Contestant: Meet Cam James
Name: Cam James
Age: 39
Town: Lockwood
Family: Fiancee and three children (two girls age 13 and 10, one boy age 3)
Occupation: Program Director for a youth home
Random Fact: Almost 40 years old and has never been on an airplane
Enjoys: Making jewelry, coloring

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