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What Is The Best Bank or Credit Union In Billings?
The worst thing in the WHOLE world happened today to me.... Card. Theft.
That's not the worst part though. The worst and most sucky part is I have to get a new debit card. Like... what the heck did I do to deserve having to switch all my bills to a new card...
SnapChat Threats From Anaconda Teens
News story below.
{Opinion} Oh, SnapChat.... I technically still have a SnapChat but I mostly use the filters on that app and then save it to add my my Instagram Stories... which is basically SnapChat on a different platform. I know that sounds crazy but it is what it is...
Student With Gun At Laurel Middle School
I had seen some info on Facebook from some parents that the kid brought it to school to basically threaten a kid who has bullying him and was possibly going to 'slam him down' after school. I CANNOT CONFIRM that that is the actual situation but I did read that (confirmed news story below).…
‘The Prairie Sisters’ Vintage Market Is TOMORROW
I am such a sucker for vintage things, homemade crafts, shabby chic decor, flea market finds and salvage pieces! Went last year for the first time and LOVED it! So, if you are farmhouse, shabby chic, junk sister or flipper - this is the place to be...
Netflix Raises Prices For Subscribers
Starting today, all U.S. subscribers will see an increase in their Netflix bill (unless you have the super basic plan). The rest of us that have the (current) $9.99/month and $11.99/month plans will see increases of $1 and $2, respectively...
What Drunk Girl Are You?
You know who are you... After a few glasses of wine or shots, you pick your poison, you turn into your alternate personality. I am a firm believer that who you really are or want to be comes out when the drinks start rolling. If you have a group of friends that always goes out, you know exactly who …
$1 Margaritas at Applebee’s All Month Long
Applebee's really knows how to help us 'eat good in the neighborhood.'
This is not fake news... Margaritas at Applebee's are only going to be $1 for the entire month of October! Also known as the 'dollarita' - it isn't a happy hour promotion...
What’s Going On In Billings This Weekend?
No plans? Need some? I've done the hard work for you are came up with a list of fun stuff going on around Billings this weekend! Enjoy!
33rd Annual Yellowstone Valley Farmers Market - Week 12
Saturday 8 AM · Yellowstone Valley Farmers Market · Billings
United Luv GLOW RUN
Saturday 6 PM · Pioneer…

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