All The Shows Leaving Netflix in October
If you are currently binge watching a show on Netflix, you may want to check this list to make sure it isn't being removed! I am currently binge watching Gossip Girl and I literally held my breath as I went through this list because I thought FOR SURE it was going to be going away and I was goi…
Top Holiday Toys 2017
So here's the deal. You will begin your Christmas shopping in just 2.5 months and you'll probably have no idea what to get OR your child will have already asked 9,751 times for said toy. I'm just preparing you... You're welcome!
Hatchimals Surprise
littleBits Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit
The Best Pumpkin Patches In Billings
I may not be a kid anymore but one of my favorite things about Fall is going to the local pumpkin patch and finding the perfect and festive pieces to decorate with!  I have found a few places here in Billings that fulfill my favorite Fall activities...
Does Flying Into An Airport Count As Visiting? [POLL]
This question I swear goes round and round and I have got a pretty even split of answers on the Facebook page. If you have been into the airport (like got off the plane) I think it should count! Technically, you've been there, physically! Am I wrong...
National French Fry Day: Who Has The Best In Billings?
There are a lot of places in Billings to get french fries but there are only a few places that hold the title of 'best'... In by book at least!
My favs (and these are in order of favorites):

Burger Dive - Loaded with garlic and Parmesan PLEASE
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