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New Animals Coming To ZooMontana
KCTR Newsroom - There are two new residents in ZooMontana and they the first back since 2012. Meet Sid and Ahmari from Sweden and Norway.  They are wolverines! The two are being housed in separate pens but it doesn't dull the hissing and growling the two animals make...
‘Georgette’ Needs A Loving Billings Family {Watch}
Every week the Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter brings in a featured animal that is up for adoption. This weeks nearly killed me... WITH CUTENESS!  This is Georgette. She is a 10-week-old Australian Shepard mix puppy. And I'm talking alllll puppy...
Lockwood HS Bill Passes
This is awesome and surely exciting for parents and students who will benefit from this! Let's hope Gov. Bullock approves it!
KCTR Newroom - Lockwood is one step closer to having its own high school. A bill that would allow Lockwood voters to create a high school district was passed by the Monta…
A Bite of Billings: Where Should I Go Next?
The weather is getting nice again and that means that menu's around town are changing and that means that I'm getting geared back up for the video blog series: A Bite of Billings!
Here's the list of places I've been so far:
Burger Dive
Ciao Mambo
Bin 119
Those are literally some of THE be…
The Best Easter Egg Hunts Around Billings
Easter is just less than two weeks away and that means new dresses, big family dinners and of course... Easter egg hunts!!
If finding eggs, stuffing them and then hiding them a millions times doesn't sound like your cup of tea then let the places below do it for you...
Billings’ Bicyclist Struck By Car
KCTR Newsroom - A 32-year-old Billings woman was hospitalized Sunday after she was hit by a car while riding her bicycle. At about 12:30 p.m., the woman was riding east on Rosebud Drive when she was struck from behind near the intersection King Park Drive, according to Sgt...
What’s Going On In Billings This Weekend?
No plans? Need some? I've done the hard work for you are came up with a list of fun stuff going on around Billings this weekend! Enjoy!
The Teccas at Thirsty Street Brewing
Saturday 6 PM · Thirsty Street Brewing Company · Billings
Monsters of Rock with Kicking Karma
Saturday 8 PM · The Pub Sta…
What To Get At Edgar Bar For The First Time
I am heading down to the small town of Joliet, Montana to try out the Edgar Bar for the very first time. I have heard raving reviews and everyone who I've talked to says that everything there is amazing, which is awesome but I don't know what to get now since EVERYTHING is good...
Who Has The Best Pizza In Billings? {Vote}
If you are anything like me, you will eat pizza at any given time. I crave pizza just about constantly and it is always a good time to eat it - morning, mid mornings, lunch time, bunch time, afternoons, late afternoons, dinner time, after dinner snack or even at midnight...

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