5 Good Reasons to Set Goals
It’s been said that nobody ever accomplished anything worth accomplishing without first setting a goal. Goal-setting has been a valuable tool for everybody from billionaire businessmen to All-Star athletes. Heck, goal-setting even helped put men on the moon.
Surely a little goal-setting can help me w…
UPDATE: 4th Of July Fireworks Death in Billings
Update: The Yellowstone County Coroner's Office has released the name of the victim of Saturday nights firework accident in South Billings as 32-year-old Nathan Vannatta.
Billings Police Lt. Casey Hafner said,
 Vannatta was firing fireworks from a tube he was holding against his hip. When one of the m…
A Good Night’s Sleep Is Essential to Good Health
Sleep.  I fantasize about being able to take naps.  I relish a good night's sleep. I want a week of nothing but restful shut-eye.  I often think that if I can just catch up on my sleep that I won’t ever let myself get into a sleep-deprived state again...

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