Progress Report On Lockwood Ace Hardware
The last time I told you about the Ace Hardware in Lockwood I said that when they start hauling the mountains of dirt away, it wouldn't be long before opening day.
Well, they are hauling the dirt out and have put in sidewalks and are moving right along...
Get Outta the Dog House (Seize The Deal)
We have a Seize the Deal Auction coming up. I thought it would be a good way to get you outta trouble the next time you come home drinkin' and havin' a good time and mama don't think it's so funny.
You can usually pick up this auction stuff at half the cost or less...
Progress Report on Ace Hardware in Lockwood
Well, last week I did a story on the new Ace Hardware in Lockwood and losing my field to progress.
Well, the progress is in high gear as the front of the store comes together. The roof is on now and they were installing the air conditioning and heating units on the day I took this picture...
Ah, the Thrill of Tunnels for Me
Back where I come from, there are a lot of tunnels in the bluffs along the Illinois and Mississippi rivers.
I am sure there are more here in Montana than I know about.
But not too long ago, my wife and I went to Cody and these are the tunnels on the way to Cody Dam...

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