Should Men Wear Ties At Work?
While visiting with some friends of mine who are all business professionals, I asked them if they wore ties at work.
My banker friend said that he did from Memorial Day to Labor Day.
The investment advisor wears one every day. And the outside salesman said that he wore it for appointments, but took it…
59-Year-Old Missing Billings Woman Has Been Located
A missing 59-year-old Billings woman has been found and is safe, according to Billings Police Lt. Casey Hafner.
Cheryl Webb was located in Livingston and is with Livingston Police Department. She is safe and will be joined by her family shortly, according to Hafner...
“House Lotteries” Aren’t a New Thing in Montana
I see a lot of people talking about this article making the rounds on Facebook now. "Write the best essay and you can buy this $400,000 house for only $199!" I'm not sure why this particular thing is such a big deal right now, because it's nothing new...

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