Chalk On The Walk in Downtown Billlings Returns on September 19
On Saturday, Sept. 19, your kids will be encouraged to deface public property. That's right -- Chalk on the Walk is back.
In case you're not familiar, this event invites everyone to come do some chalk art on the sidewalks of downtown Billings on Third Avenue starting near North 27th Street at Soup 'n…
Three Years Without A Chew [Opinion]
I started dipping snuff in the summer of 1988 when I was 12 years old. My friend Steven would steal a can from the roll in his dad's truck and we would get ready for a major buzz. After a summer of doing this, I noticed that the buzz wasn't nearly as intense or fun, but for whatever reason…
Dogs are Better than Cats [Opinion]
Dogs are so much better than cats.
I don't get how people can put a poop box in their kitchen, watch the cat bury one, let it walk on their couch or pillow and then use it.
Sure, you have to clean up after your dog but it's outside...

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