Update On Murray The Puppy
It's been some time since I've put in an update on what I used to think, was the sweetest puppy in the whole, wide world.  Yeah, you could say, some of the shine has rubbed off on Murray.
My Daughter’s Freaky Baby-A High School Project
So my daughter came home with one of the weirdest things ever. What was it? The creepiest little fake Asian baby ever. Not even kidding.  This thing cries, wets and needs to "eat".   Which creeps me the heck out!  Ever see the movie "Child's Play&qu…
‘Firenado’ Will Burn and Fascinate You All at Once
This just might be the most frightening weather system you'll ever see.
A woman driving through Chillicothe, Missouri snapped this photo last week of something that has come to be known as a 'firenado.'
The woman wrote, "...this had to be the coolest/scariest thing I've ev…
Cooking Salmon With Tara Nicole
I went shopping today to get stuff for dinner tonight.  As you can tell, I went a little overboard.  Which is a common occurrence when you go shopping when you are hungry.
Billings Height’s Little League Games Cancelled Tonight
What a bummer!  Not that all games were cancelled, but both of my boy's games were.  My oldest son(Staley's 11-12 majors) had to go all the way to Hardin to play tonight(he rode with one of his coaches).  With all of the storms going on, they ended up cancelling not long aft…

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