This last week, a good and dear friend of mine celebrated a huge landmark in his career, that I can only hope to achieve.  30 years, in broadcast radio!  Who?  Our very own Livin Large Larry!  Or as I like to call him "LLL"!

It's hard these days to be able to brag about that kind of career.  With turnover the way it is and "Corporate America" taking over.  There's only a few left that can actually claim this kind of title, other than my other great friend "Major Daniel George Getting It Done Miller", who's been doing this kind of thing for over 50+ years.

Photo Courtesy of Tara Nicole

I am so proud of LLL! We surprised him with a special cowbell, engraved with his name and his 30 years, cupcakes and LLL faces on a stick(which is our thing here at the stations).  He does so much for our community and stations, that it's hard to believe that he even has a life of his own.

I love you Livin Large and your wonderful wife Keri, too!  She's exactly what you need and probably don't deserve! I hope you have another 30+ years in radio and with your awesome family! You deserve it!

What's the most amazing career celebration that you've had in your work place?  Share it with us in the section below!