Every year they roll out new fried/fair concoctions. Some this year include, chocolate salami, deep fried Jack Daniels to name a few.

Deep Fried Doritos? Doritos covered in batter, then deep-fried. Somehow they get lighter and flakier in the process.  Add to your order some Ranch!

Deep fried Jack Daniels...yep it has happened they have found a way to deep fry booze.  A bit mis-leading of a name, but it’s a Jack Daniel’s-infused churro, wrapped in bacon. It comes with a side of whipped cream and maple syrup,

A pop rock covered doughnut? A pancake-sized warm fluffy doughnut with a warm pink icing and topped with Cherry Pop Rocks.

Deep fried bacon wrapped turkey leg...pretty self explanatory.

Deep fried pineapple...yup we have started deep frying fruit.

A corn dog with a pickle inside.... just think corn dog and instead of the thick corn bread it's a pickle with corn bread on the outside of it and a pickle in it... sounds kind of good actually!