Yup, I got a part in the movie.  Not to brag or anything, but I get to say like "A Whole Line".  Yeah, you heard(read) me right.  And I am so completely freaked out by it too!

"What? The loudmouthed Tara Nicole, afraid of one little line"?  Yes, absolutely that is what I am saying.  I am terrified of screwing it up.  There'll be lots of people watching, stuff around me, my costume is a bit weird(my opinion) and it makes me nervous.

For the movie "The Writer's Ghost", my outfit they want me to wear screams "Redneck Hooker".  Well, not really I guess.  If I was 40lbs. skinnier, I probably wouldn't mind it in the least.  I even spoke to my mom about it.  She told me to "Buck up, put on whatever they want, and be happy.  You get to be in a movie"!

She's right.  But how do you tell my nerves that?  Ha,ha.  Well, you may get to see how I do this weekend.  I am trying to get approval for us to take our own film on the set the day of my filiming.  They may not let us, but it's worth asking for right?

Are you excited about this locally filmed movie?  Do you know someone involved?  Have you seen Nebraska yet?  Comment below and let me know!  Also, check out more on this movie by clicking here!