Our "Bewitched in Billings" contest is headed down the homestretch this week and we've got 3 haunted hot spots left for you.  Yesterday's location was the old "Granny's Attic" store, which is now a Montana Rescue Mission Store on Minnesota Avenue downtown.  Over the years, witnesses have reported seeing two separate entities; one of the ghosts was a woman in her 20's and the other was a man who appeared to be a sheep rancher and likes to walk through the walls.

Today's "Bewitched in Billings" haunted hot spot is another historic building downtown that has now been converted into a restaurant.  The employees there say they've heard bizarre noises and they've noticed that the water will mysteriously turn on and off in the restaurants.  Here's an extra clue for you:  Some of the "sandwich artists" at this downtown restaurant claim that ghosts like to hang out in the men's room.  If you know the answer, we've got your chance to check out the Corn Maze at Sartorie Farms.  Here's the link to submit your guess.