If you're playing our "Bewitched in Billings" contest, hopefully you knew yesterday's answer was the Western Heritage Center.  This downtown museum is reportedly haunted by 3 ghosts.  An old man, an elderly lady and a young girl.  Turns out, ghosts love art and western history.  Go figure.

Tuesday’s Bewitched in Billings Hot spot is another old building downtown that is said to be visited by more than one entity.  Over the years, witnesses have reported seeing the image of a young lady in her 20's and a man appearing to be a sheep farmer who walks through the walls.  Up until a few years ago, this building was occupied by an antique mall.  It's now a thrift store for a charity.    We'll accept either answer.  And if you need an extra clue, here goes:  next time you’re on Minnesota Avenue downtown, there’s a ghost in the attic that needs to be “rescued”.  Here's the link to submit your answer.