If you want to check out the Corn Maze at Sartorie Farms this weekend, make sure to get your guesses in for today's Bewitched in Billings contest.

Yesterday's answer was "The Little People of the Pryor Mountains".  Legend has it, a pack of ferocious dwarves would viciously attack their enemies in the Pryor Mountains, about 40 minutes outside of town.  These little people allegedly would eat the hearts of enemy horses.  In the 1930's, a group of prospectors discovered the mummified remains of one of these vicious little people.  According to some folks, the ghosts of these little people still haunt the area.

(Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Here's your clue for today:  This famous Billings house is said to be one of the 5 most locations in the state of Montana. “If you go to this girl’s house, look out for the witch in the attic”.  Good luck.