You know that movie "How to Train Your Dragon"? Well I think I will start making the movie "How to Train Your Man". 

Are you trying to win yourself free Train tickets at the Montana Fair? Are you training your man as we speak? Well here are a few tips/tricks to "Train your Man".

1. Add beer into the mix..."Honey will you take the trash out? By the way I just bought you a six pack of your favorite beer"

2. Try tricking him/talking to him while watching sports...they agree to everything.

3. of the fastest ways to a mans heart is also a great way to train them to do what you want as well.

4. Add beer...oh wait we already said that.

My tips for you as you attempt to "Train Your Man". The most well behaved ( on a short leash) man and his better half will win tickets to this show and get serenaded by Train and Marry cute!!