Well, this isn't a great representation.  However, our Promotions Director(Rick) had just complained that we were serving up too much cupcakes and cake and that he was eventually going to get diabetes.  I don't know for sure, but I don't think he's going to say that again!

I actually liked what we did for him.  I am not a big fan of too many sweets.  Give me meat, cheese, chips or something of the salty variety anytime! So, we kind of did!

Photo Courtesy of Tara Nicole

Actually, I think he liked it.  I mean, he's a single guy and we just gave him dinner for at least a day or two.  Maybe three if he stretched it out.  I love meat and cheese and so might have been responsible for taking away that third day though! Whoops!

How do you celebrate birthday's in your office?  Cake, coffee, decorations?  Or not at all?  That's actually becoming more and more common as "Corporate Amercia" takes over.

Share your birthday(or non birthday) celebrations with us!