Like any city, Billings Montana has its fair share of resident ghosts. The stories about ghosts are especially thick in the downtown area. It's time to brush up on your local ghost knowledge because we have corn maze tickets up for grabs. Answer our ghost trivia correctly and you will have a chance to win a FREE pair of tickets to the Sartorie Farms Corn Maze. Click below to see today's trivia. 

Trivia Clue for 10/25/2013:

According to local lore, when this downtown landmark was built in the 1930’s, one of the workers was buried in the cement foundation. Evidently,
his ghost still haunts the building and is often loud and angry. Others have reported a female entity, who some believe may be the woman this building is named after. She and her sister have also been sighted dining down the street at the Northern Hotel.

Trivia Clue for 10/24/2013:

This was first motel built in Billings. Legend has it, a ghost named Anna Belle lives in room 226. Housekeepers have reported several instances where Anna Belle would lock the door. When they’d ask her to unlock the door, it would open right up.

Answer: The Dude Rancher Lodge

Trivia Clue for 10/23/2013:

The employees at this sandwich shop downtown say that they will hear men's voices sometimes when they're closing or opening, and there's never anyone there. The water in the bathrooms will be found running even though they check them and make sure everything is turned off before they go home.

Answer: The Subway on 27th St. and Montana

Trivia Clue for 10/22/2013:

Several years ago, the Montana Rescue Mission moved into this former antique mall downtown, that was reportedly haunted by a woman in her 20’s. There have also been reports of a ghost resembling a sheep rancher who would walk through the walls. This business had a creepy name too: can you name it?

Answer: The Old Granny’s Attic on Minnesota Street

Trivia Clue for 10/21/2013:

This historic building is reportedly haunted by 3 entities: An old man who sits in a chair in the basement admiring the paintings, an elderly woman in a long skirt who floats along the floor near the library and a young girl named Priscilla, who likes to play on the steps of the tower.  

Answer: The Western Heritage Center on 28th and Montana

Trivia Clue for 10/18/2013:

This restaurant is said to be haunted by an old ghost named Ernest Murray, who once lived on the 2nd floor. According to eyewitnesses, Murray’s ghost likes to hang out in a closet, opening and closing doors, turning the lights on and off and keeping an eye on the staff.  

Answer: Juliano’s Restaurant

Trivia Clue for 10/17/2013:

This historic downtown restaurant and hotel has hosted rugged frontiersman since the early 1900’s. Over the years, it has been a brothel, a speak-easy and even an opium den. It is reportedly haunted by 3 ghosts – a prohibition era bartender who was gunned down by mobsters, a former lady of the evening and a grumpy gambler who roams around the basement.  
Answer: The Rex Restaurant

Trivia Clue for 10/16/2013:

This infamous house is said to be haunted by the ghost of a little girl who died here on Christmas Eve after falling down the stairs in the early 1900’s. She is sometimes referred to as “The Witch in the Attic” and is said to scatter presents around this house on Christmas Eve. Can you name this house?  

Answer: Beverly’s House

Trivia Clue for 10/15/2013:

About 40 minutes outside of Billings, the Crow Indians claims to have encountered a group of dwarves who would tear the hearts out of their enemies’ horses. Evidently, back in the 1930’s, a group of prospectors discovered the mummified remains of one of these people. Can you name them? 
Answer: Little People of the Pryor Mountains

Trivia Clue for 10/14/2013:
This woman is said to walk along the banks of the Yellowstone River about 5 miles east of town. People who have seen her describe her as a tall woman with long hair, wearing a white flowing gown. Who is she?

Answer: The Weeping Woman

This museum is said to be haunted by a little girl and other members of her family. Witnesses report hearing strange noises at night and seeing doors open and close by themselves. 

Answer: Moss Mansion

Trivia Clue for 10/10/2013:

Rumor has it, the elevator in this hotel used to call the front desk at exactly 2:30 every morning. When the desk clerk would answer the phone, nobody would be on the other end. 

Answer: Crowne Plaza Hotel

Trivia Clue for 10/09/2013:

According to employees at this restaurant, which was built on top of old railroad tracks, shadows and strange voices can be heard here at late at night.

Answer: Downtown Denny’s

Trivia Clue for 10/08/2013:
This place was built in the early 1900’s. Some folks claim they hear strange noises at this site along with the ghostly figure of a little girl.

Answer: Broadwater Elementary School

Trivia Clue for 10/07/2013:

In the late 1940’s, a place crashed in Billings and this was the only place that was big enough to store all of the bodies. Ever since, people have reported seeing a WWII Soldier walking around this location. When people approach him, he disappears. Can you name this place? 

Answer: The Old Antique Depot