Okay, now April 1st is over a month behind us.  Right?  Then why am I still getting pranked?  And at home, no less! Do you recognize this one?? Do ya?!

The other morning, I had a bad morning.  Murray the puppy, had puked on my floor, peed  on my son's bed(after getting caught chewing on it), the kids wouldn't mind me, and dang it...I was just grumpy!

I then decided that I needed water, out of the faucet(I don't even know why now), when all of a sudden....WHAMMY!  I am caught full on with a huge spray from the sprayer thingy, from the sink.  That was it!  I had, had it!

I ended up asking(in a maybe not so nice way at the time, I admit) "Who did this to me"?  Funny thing?  Every single person in my household denied it!  This is the second, dang time they have done this to me!  ENOUGH I SAY, ENOUGH!

I will tell you this, though.  When I find out who did it...they are going to be in for some revenge of the same kind.  I know all sorts of funny things that I can do to prank them back!  I just have to find out who did it!  Any ideas?  Three kids to my name and a hubby.  Help me find out!