We've got a few more "Bewitched in Billings" haunted hot spots coming your way this week and we've saved the creepiest places for last.  Friday's answer was Juliano's Restaurant, a notorious hotbed for paranormal activity.

This building, located near the intersection of 27th Street and 7th Avenue, is reportedly haunted by the house's original owner, an old man named Ernest Murray.  Patrons have also reported that certain parts of the modern day restaurant will get freezing cold for a short period of time, then will return to its normal temperature.

Today's mysterious locale is another historic building in Downtown Billings.  This place is reportedly haunted by three different entities; an old man, an elderly woman and a little girl. Here's an extra clue:  Even ghosts enjoy celebrating their "heritage".  If you know the answer, we've got your chance to check out the Corn Maze at Sartorie Farms.  Click the link to submit your guess.