It was announced today that one of my favorite SNL actors, Jason Sudeikis,  will be leaving the show.  I can't imagine SNL without him and all of his hilarious characters.  So I decided to do a little something to commemorate his extraordinary career there.

If you love political humor you should love  "The Presidential Debate Cold Open".

For those of you that have that love pizza, here's the skit "Pizza Place".  I think its the best business idea ever!

Have friends that like the strip club?  They'll love this one from Jason!  Its "Bongo's Clown Room"

I laughed so hard at this one.  Who say's that advertising and sports don't mix well? I dare you not to laugh at this skit.  It's "ESPN's Classic:Women's Weightlifting".

While I wasn't the biggest fan of this next one for my own personal reasons.  I did still think it was funny.

I am going to miss Jason Sudeikis on SNL.  Can you tell? His kind of humor is hard to find.   But Loren Michaels seems more than apt at finding new and great talent.  What are your favorite skits of his?  Let me know in the comments section below!