There are a lot of WWII movies out there, and of those there are quite a few of those that focus on the guerrilla resistances that sprang up during the long years of World War II. While the majority have been based off historical information of actual resistance efforts, most have been flowered with the usual trappings required of a standard Hollywood movie. The clearly defined hero striving to overcome adversity while also finding time to fall in love and help bring about the demise of the Bad Guy.

What I feel 'Flammen and Citronen'  sets itself apart from these other resistance movies is the movie's focus on a much more honest and visceral look at the underground resistance that came along during World War II. The two main characters are not complex characters who are motivated by complicated and lofty ideals. These men are angry and are willing to kill whoever stands in there way.

'Flammen and Citronen' is a movie that looks at what happens to regular people when forced into a situation that motivates them to go above and beyond anything ever experienced before.

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