No really, eat it! Ha, ha.  I am not a chef or a food critic.  I can only offer my own personal advice and experience. However, I can say, that I love food.  Not just any food, but great food. So, maybe what I have to say, may mean something.

This weeks restaurant pick is one of my all time fav's.  Fancy Sushi Asian Fusion.  I've been going there for about the last three years and I don't think I've ever had a bad meal.  Well, one time I ordered sashimi and while it was probably good, I am not a huge sashimi fan I found out. I do love the "Yummy Roll" and the "Pineapple Fried Rice" my kids love.

The service that I get there too is always pretty fantastic too.  Which is, in my opinion, is half the battle.  They are awesome! I can bring in my entire family and they just treat us like family.  No joking!

Plus, when you go to the bathroom.  It's like a party in there! I won't tell you why.  You've just got to find out for yourself! Stop in and try it.  Let me know what you think. Good, bad or otherwise.