If you've ever felt the need to just cover up your ears and ignore what's being said to you, you are going to love this weeks pick for Hump Day Track Of The Week.

The video took me a minute to get(Sometimes I'm slow) but once I did.  I loved it.  However, my daughter said it was "The most annoying song ever".  This only made me love it more!  Aren't I awful? Ha, ha.

In the music video,[12] a young Bolivian boy is being verbally abused by a man who is presumably his father. Looking out of his apartment window, he sees an unusually dressed man and his dog standing on the pavement outside. The boy then puts his fingers in his ears and begins singing 'La la la' in response to his father's outburst. Running out of the apartment, the boy joins the mysterious figure outside and pets his dog. Seeing the boy outside, the father picks up an egg from a birds nest on the window-sill and throws it down at the boy.

Follow this link to read more about the video.  It's pretty cool. Here's the video though, so you can check it out for yourself.  Enjoy!