It was insane(in the membrane)!  I've never been more nervous in my entire life.  I swear, I had a panic attack(or three) before I even made it to the audition.  But let me back up a bit and explain.

I heard about this local production company(P210 Productions) looking for local people to shoot a movie(The Writer's Ghost), here in Billings. I've always liked the idea of auditioning for an actual movie or play, but have never had enough nerve to do so.  Or the opportunity really either.  I told myself I would go.

Well, I didn't.  Not the first time anyways.. I chickened out.  However, I did make it to the second casting call they had.  I was a wreck...until the actual audition.  Then I think, I seemed to pull it together enough to not embarrass myself entirely.

That had to be the biggest rush I've ever had in my entire lifetime.  I had to read four scenes in front of five people(one was a co-worker, one my daughter, two were producers and then their friend).  I ran on adrenaline for about four hours afterward!  What a dork, right? I don't care.  I didn't even care if I got the part at that point.  It was just too much fun!

I actually ended up getting a second call back too. This made my frickin day!  That one was also quite intimidating, as I had to interact (and act) with other actors/actresses in scenes(which I've never done before) and in front of more people.  A lot of them had a ton of previous experience too(even so far as being in other locally produced movies and professional education).  Which showed completely.

I was really impressed with the whole lot of them.  Guys and Gals alike.  I think that, whoever they call back for the actual parts in the movie are  100% deserving.  They were that good.  I don't really think I'll land a part in this movie, but that's okay...for now at least.  I found something new, that I love doing and I am tickled pink with that.  Watch out for me next time though, because I am bringing my "A Game"!

Check out the crowd funding trailer here!


Keep an eye out though for "The Writer's Ghost".  It's going to be an awesome flick you'll want to catch!