Men starring at women, is it just a part of their DNA? Does every man do it? If it's too much how do you tell them that and what does it mean? 

Multiple questions can be derived from this one topic, especially for us over thinkers. I have this fantasy that I am going to meet the man of my dreams and be so in love that, that is the only person you see. Fantasyland for one! I guess my dream isn't really reality. Men from what most people say, can not help it but there is a fine line between checking a woman out subtly and gawking.

One article I read written by a man says this " First off, men stare because their eyes need action. Secondly, because they want to. Thirdly, because they can! However much it pisses off a woman, men stare at women and will continue to do so. Most men who have understood the fact that we live in the 21st century don’t stare hard at women, but men who haven’t yet figured that they’re way past the Stone Age still stare at women like they’re getting set for a mating ritual."

Then I go to my handy dandy source for men chat "". They say "Men love to stare openly at women it's just raw biology in action."

Most of our listeners agreed that it is a part of their DNA and I was told that women are beautiful and deserved to be admired. Most women are OK with it as long as nothing happens, or you don't make it too obvious OR say anything. Lesson to men don't be too obvious and just shut the front door when it comes to eyeballing other women.