photo courtesy of NBC Montana-KECI-TV

According to a report from Q2 News one of the victims of the avalanche in Missoula has died from their injuries. Missoula Police Sgt. Travis Welsh confirmed that Michel Jo Colville had succumbed to her injuries. Colville was trapped under snow for four hours after an avalance destroyed her home in the Lower Rattlesnake.

The avalanche came off Mount Jumbo and descended into the area of Harrison and Holly streets area around 4:15 pm. Colville's husband, Fred Allendorf, and an 8-year-old boy were also trapped by the avalanche. Both Allendorf and the boy survived the avalanche.

Missoula Police Sgt. Travis Welsh also confirmed reports that they had interview snow enthusiasts regarding the cause of the avalanche. At this time no charges have been filed and the police say they will consult with the prosecuting attorney's office regarding the results of the investigation and any potential criminal charges.

VIA: Q2 News