A tea company by the name of Honest Tea (clever, huh?) did a survey just to see who was most HONEST in America.

They placed kiosks all over the nation, one for each state. Each kiosk was unmanned. They put there drinks on the table and said that if they wanted to have a bottle of their tea, the person would have to leave a dollar on the table. They did it totally on the honor system. During the experiment they monitored the action from a distance.

After all was said and done, the tea manufacturer revealed some pretty general overviews about which state was (and was not) the most honest.

On average, about 93% of all of us are honest.

Seems as if Hawaii and Alaska were 100% honest, paying each and everytime they picked up a bottle of tea. The least honest was, no surprise here, Washington D.C. with only 80%.

Montana is 93% more honest than most Americans.

Oh and the study dives deeper. Blondes are the most honest when it comes to the color of hair. Bald people are the least.

Glasses were an indication of honestly, people with facial hair or accessories were less. Men with scruffy faces were least honest out of them all.