Tons of fun is to be had this weekend for all families, courtesy of the Montana Rescue Mission! It all starts on Friday afternoon and goes through Saturday.  You won't want to miss out!

The guys/gals at the MRM have always been near and dear to my heart, for so many reasons that I can't get into just yet, but trust me, I love them bunches! What a great group of people!

This weekend they are celebrating their 2nd Annual Hopefest, with tons of fun events for the family.  First off, Friday afternoon around 4:30 p.m., out at Faith Chapel, they are going to do a Bed-Domino or rather a "Human" domino.

Photo Courtesy of Facebook

What is this, you might ask?  Well Mattressland USA is supplying tons of mattresses for participants(lots of them are actually sponsored by locals) to which they will make a "Human" domino chain, with each mattress held by a person.  At the count, the first one gets the ole shove which topples the rest accordingly.  It makes for a wonderful sight and tons of fun!

After the Human Domino, we move on to the concert at Faith Chapel.  Phil Wickham will play starting at 7:30(thanks to Pierce RV) and its guaranteed to be Awesome!

Photo Courtesy of Facebook

Now for Saturday, the actual day of Hopefest! It starts with a parade of Bed Racers down 1st Ave. North and through the Farmers Market around 10 a.m.  Be prepared to be amazed!  After the parade, it's time to get the beds ready to race!

All day long you will be entertained by bed races, live music, kids crafts, food(free if you have a Hopefest T-Shirt), and other activities.  The best part of it all?  It all goes to support our very own, Montana Rescue Mission!

I hope that you can make it!  I will be racing, along with my sister stations dj's, in our very own bed racer.  We could totally use a cheer team, so come down and support us in our race!  You can find out more on this event here too!