You heard it right.  According to the the data collected by the website "The Motley Fool"(say's, Montana has the most bars per capita.  Which is around 60 bars per 100,000 people.

I guess, if you have to be known for something, it's not such a bad thing. We are after all, third for overall beer consumption per capita.  A close third?  Wyoming.  Why is that you think?  Is it the colder weather?  More outdoor activities?  Lack of people(throws off the capita thing)?

Or do we just really like beer, whiskey and booze in general?  I'd like to think it's just because we like to have a good time.  Not that booze needs to be there for a good time.  Not at all.  But in combination with all the cool things to do here in Montana,a good, cold beer seems to make it all that much better at times.

What's your thought on this survey?  Comment below and let me know!