So my daughter came home with one of the weirdest things ever. What was it? The creepiest little fake Asian baby ever. Not even kidding.  This thing cries, wets and needs to "eat".   Which creeps me the heck out!  Ever see the movie "Child's Play"?

Well I have and it's turned me off of dolls and such ever since.  Her little "high school project" gives me the ebie jeebies.  And we had it for three days!  It even came with a car seat! Watching her tote that around kind of freaked me out at first too.  She looked like a little mother, which at 16, is not something I want her to look like.

However, after watching for the three days, I began to see the sense in having her do this.  She was being graded on how well she nurtured and took care of this baby.  It recorded everything she did(as far as response time to its fussing and crying and any abuse it might go through).

Tara Nicole, TSM

One time she made me hold it and pat its back and I accidentally patted it too hard on the back and that baby let out a wail that scared the bejeezus out of me.  It took me like 15 minutes to shut it up!  My daughter was not impressed with me...Said I couldn't hold it anymore.

Until she wanted to go with some friends for a couple of hours.  Then all of  sudden she wanted ME to babysit the creepy little thing.  I didn't want to, but after much whining and crying, I agreed to for a couple of hours.

Thank goodness it slept most of the time.  Phew! Even fake babies are hard work.  I'd forgotten that.  It's been quite a few years since I've had a baby in the house.  Ha, ha. Well I think she did a great job though and I think she'll even get a good grade for it too.

Unless... the teacher finds out I accidentally patted it on the back(again, my bad) too hard..  Whoops!