One of my most favorite things about the Sturgis Rally in South Dakota, has got to be, the bikes.  The bigger, the louder, the better! Check out some of these bikes for yourself and tell me what you think!

Here's an oldie but good here that I love!

Photos taken by Tara Nicole at the Buffalo Chip campground

And yet another from the Buffalo Chip Campground. They had tons on display called “Motorcycles of Art” .  Pretty cool huh?

Photo Credit: Tara Nicole at Buffalo Chip Campground

You'll even find super famous musicians that love bikes so much, they start their own line.  Like who?  How about Steven Tyler from Aerosmith?

Photo Credit: Tara Nicole at Sturgis Rally

I loved his bikes.  They were amazing!!!  Are you planning on going to this years 74th Sturgis Rally?  I hope so, I know I am!

Do you need a ride to get there?  If so, and you'd like to save a little bit of money, check out this sweet XL 883L Superlow, 2013, from Beartooth Harley Davidson. It's up for grabs in our annual "Good Life" spring auction.  You can get a sweet Harley for a super sweet deal!

Just click on this link to go to SeizeTheDeal.Com   Good luck and may the best bidder, get the bike and meet me in Sturgis for tons of fun!