In case you weren't already convinced that we've got a lot of lunatics on the road, here's proof that Montana has some of the craziest drivers in the nation.  The website just released a new article illustrating at least one embarrassing category that each state leads the country in.

Here in Montana, we have the highest motor vehicle death rate.  We may have crazy drivers, we're far from the craziest state in the country.  That honor belongs to Utah, which has highest ratio of mentally ill citizens.

And even though we can't drive, at least we're not a bunch of jerks like the people in Virginia.  The Old Dominion state has the highest percentage of crimes committed against against the disabled (and that's just plain wrong).  Across the state line in Maryland, they lead the nation in cussing.

Bad behavior runs rampant across the United States, especially in Colorado which has the highest rate of cocaine use.  Wisconsin has the most alcoholics and there are more cigarette smokers in Kentucky than any other state in the union.

As least most of the people in those states still have their teeth.  Oklahoma has the lowest percentage of adults who go to the dentist.  Ever seen an Okie smile? They've got summer teeth; summer are in their mouth, summer are in their pocket.