Holy cow I did it!  I am now, officially, in a movie! Wow! Okay, so I only have a line or two, but it still counts right?  Good, I thought so too.  What was my few hours like filming?  Read on!

It was scary . That's what I got from it.  It was super scary.  But man...was it fun!  Ha, ha.  I could feel my dang adrenaline coursing through my body like nobody's business.  It was quite exhilarating really.  I got to be a waitress(I actually used to be one!) in this movie.  Which means I had to talk and walk and not pass out.

Well, I did!  What do you think of the snazzy outfit?  Pretty cool, huh? Other than my head looks deformed.  Stupid phone camera.

Tara Nicole, TSM
Tara Nicole, TSM

Here's the sound guy(I have no idea what the "Official" job name is, but it looks like you'd need pretty good arm strength to do this long term too, fantastic hearing and a great eye. He did  great job(I think anyway).  Plus, he was pretty cool too!

Tara Nicole, TSM

Everyone there was actually pretty nice too. Just to name a few, Michael, Dave, Gia, and Lester(from the Cowboys restaurant).  There's a more people, I wish I could name them all. Thank you to all of you!!  You rock!

The first line I had I messed up, which was completely embarrassing, but the other actress/producer there handled it and me like a pro.  Covered for me and everything. Phew!  I did better,though, the more we ran through it.  And we did it lots...the scene at the restaurant.

Day later I still have the lines engraved in my brain.  I shall always love "Eggs, Bacon and Hashbrowns".  Sorry, just a little inside joke there. Hopefully we'll get an interview with them soon that I can post here.  As soon as I can, I will.

Until next time...Happy Filming!