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Ben Affleck Is Headed Back To Rehab
Ben Affleck has had a pretty hard go for the past few years. He has now checked himself in to rehab for the third time. This came after his soon to be ex-wife Jennifer put together an intervention. If you have seen the pictures of him lately he really did look terrible...
Never Ever Have I Had A Banana Split
Today was a big day for me. I have never ever in my life had a banana split. Weird I know. That picture is the aftermath of me attacking it for all I was worth. I had no idea on the magic that that I had been missing out on for 32 years...
Haunted Moss
The Moss Mansion is neat in general to check out, but this event is sure to knock your socks off coming up on October 19th (6:30pm) and 20th (6:30 pm & 11pm).

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