Netflix's original series 'House of Cards' is back for a second season and it hasn't lost any of its steam. Season 2 of the show delivers more of the pulse pounding and slow burning intrigue that season one introduced us too. I watched the entire season in less than three days worth of viewing that is how hooked I was on this season. It's time to stock up on food, turn your phone off, and get comfortable because this is one of the my best recommendations yet. 

House of Cards is based off a BBC Mini series that in of itself was based off a book written by Michael Dobbs. The first season premiered in 2013 exclusively on Netflix, and like all Netflix original series, the entire season was available all at once. The first season of this show took Hollywood by storm, earning nine Emmy nominations and four Golden Globe nominations.

House of Cards returned on February 14th, 2014 with season two and a huge helping of everything that made the first season so awesome. The story centers around Kevin Spacey's character and his rise through the political ranks and what he does to get there. Needless to say his character is both cunning and completely ruthless, surpassed only by his cold and calculating wife.

So if you're looking for an excuse to Netflix binge over the weekend and you like a good slow burning thriller, I can't recommend House of Cards enough. If you've already seen season one, what are you waiting for? If you're new to House of Cards well...turn the phone off, put the pizza delivery on speed dial, and say goodbye to the outside world for a few days.