I love this song! I don't care how many times it's posted, I love it! You should love it too!

Who doesn't love Usher anyways?  This one should get you moving, on even the slowest day.  It's Usher's "Scream" and you should be while you're listening to it!

Wikipedia has this to say:

Usher performed "Scream" during several events and shows, including the Off-Broadway show Fuerza Bruta, the 2012 Billboard Music Awards and during E3 2012. An accompanying music video premiered on the internet on June 12, 2012. Directed by direction duo BB GUN, the video contains footage from the Fuerza Bruta show, with Usher reenacting his role as The Running Man, dancing with his love interest and running into a brick wall towards the video's closure.


So here it is!  Listen and Enjoy!

Well, do you love it?  Hate it?  Let me know! Nothing will ever change if you sit on the sidelines!