What's going on?

Fun with signs in Red Lodge
Sunday Funday afternoon took me and the wifey to Red Lodge. If you're looking for fall scenery, you'd better hustle up.
Coolest bug around
Some (most) bugs are kinda' gross, but these little guys are pretty cool
Fix your pets!
Honestly, you probably have zero reason not to do this to your cat or dog.
Fun times at high school football
I've got one kid in soccer and one in football. I know they are both technically "football" to you soccer purists. Guess which one is my favorite?
Corny Corn Corn!
I'm just a corny guy who loves fresh corn. And other garden goodies.
Save huge on lodging in Deadwood!
Family fun during the day, adult fun at night! Deadwood, SD offers something for everyone and it's not too far way for a quick trip.