What's going on?

I'd love to run The Claw!
Ever see someone doing something at their job and think, "hey, that looks fun"? I'm that way with the Claw.
GMO Babies! What??
Genetically altered babies are here, if the claims of this Chinese researcher are true.
What if they don't eat meat?
If you have vegan or vegetarian guest over for the holidays, do you make an attempt to accommodate their diet? This roasted "Thanksgiving Cabbage" looks delicious.
Veterans Day
Did you thank a Vet for their service yesterday?
Polls are open till 8 - go vote!
I know we're all sick and tired of the non-stop barrage of mailers, tv ads, radio ads, internet ads.... thank God it all ends tonight.
Go Hands Free!
There are tons of different styles of phone holders. I love this one.
Caramel Apples
There is one drawback to making this classic Halloween treat.