What's going on?

Rex Gift Card Refunds
Stuck with a Rex Gift card you never got to use? Hurry, time is running out to get your refund.
Spring H.S. Sports in Montana
Sure, I love Friday night football games in the fall. But my favorite school sports season are the spring events.
Ruh Roh! Ruts!
Nasty ruts and potholes are popping up all over town!
Grease LIVE!
Grease is back for a limited run at the Billings Studio Theater!
Kids are ruiners.
While not the most expensive thing my kids have ruined, this one kind of set me off.
Are you prepped?
Prepping is not just for tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorists.
Shopkins LIVE!
As a parent, sometimes you have to go to things that may not be your cup of tea. This is one of those times.
Poop in aisle 5
Sure, bring your untrained "therapy" dog to grocery store. It'll be fine, they said.