What's going on?

I Have No Words For This.
If you watched this season of America's Got Talent I am sure you fell in love with Michael. His story touched all of our hearts. His voice is amazing. His kids are such an inspirations. His wife is so strong. He seemed like the type of guy a girl would wish for. Not any more.
Seize The Deal Is Happening Now
We all love to save money right? I love love love a great deal, and there are no better deals than what Seize The Deal has to offer right now! If you are looking for entertainment to food, adventure and beyond they have you covered.
Princess Day At The Zoo
This is by far one the best events that Zoo Montana puts on! My niece looks forward to this every year. What little girl doesn't want to meet a handful Disney princesses?!
Suicide Prevention Awareness Month
This really took me a couple hours to even be able to talk about this. I sat at my desk tears rolling down my face trying to find the right the words, but I couldn't. I still can't. Over the past few years I have lost ones I love to suicide.
Did you know music makes you work harder?
I don't know about you but there are very few minutes in my day where I don't have music on. From the time I get up to the time I go to bed I always have it on. While I am getting ready in the morning, in the car, in my office, when I clean. It is always on.
How Do You Feel About A Four Day School Week?
How do you feel about a four day school week for your kids? I know the answer the kids would have for sure is heck ya! For ever and ever school weeks have been Monday - Friday. Until now. A Colorado school district announced on Monday the four-day week.
The All New Rimrock Subaru
I had the pleasure of going to check out the all new Rimrock Subaru, and the only word I can use to describe it is WOW!
Say It Is Not So!
Let the tears flow now. According to the Modern Family series' co-creator things will take a turn for the sad this season. The tenth season. The final season. In a recent interview he said that a "significant character" is going to die.
Harvest Fest 2018
Hello fall! I love this time of the year where colors start to change and the smell of the crisp air is a wonderful combo! One of the best events during the fall season is Harvest Fest in downtown Billings.
What Do Enjoy Eating Most During Football Season?
One of my favorite things about my office is that we are a tight family. I know in some offices people can't stand to be around each other. That is so not the case here. In fact most of us hang out together outside of work.
Say What? Endless Sloppy Joe's?
Sloppy Joe's maybe one of the greatest creations ever. Sure they are super good when you make them at home, but to have someone else make them is even better!
Blessings In BackPacks Bike Giveaway
Blessing In Backpacks is truly a blessing for so many kids in our community. They reach out kids in our community with the school supplies and clothes and other tools that need to be successful during the school year.
Sad News Today In The Music World
Sad news today in the music world. Mac Miller at only the age of 26 died today of an apparent overdose. He was found today around noon at his home in San Fernando Valley.
Bald Is Beautiful Event
This such a wonderful event! When I read the details it made my heart so happy that there are so many places in town that help out so many great causes! If you have long hair like long enough that you spare 8inches of healthy hair please check this out!
18th Annual Magic City Music Awards
One of the best things about Billings is our music scene. There are so many talented local bands and wonderful venues for them to play at. From the lead singers to the drummers and more we really do have a town full of talent. Not to mention just the talented bands but we have wonderful on air talen…
Run For Your Life!
I am not much of a runner at all. I am more of a fast walker if need be, but I am pretty sure if I was being cashed I would have some wheels under me. This is a whole different spin on doing a run.
Get home safe this Labor Day
Labor Day is pretty much the last big celebration of the summer. So with being said most people want to go out and celebrate with some adult beverages. AAA has been doing this for years, but I just wanted to remind you that will once again they will get you home safe this Labor Day.
Find The Hero In You
Do you love to help others? If so donating blood is one the best ways possible ways. Did you know that with each donation you could save three people? I have donating for years I go as much as I possibly can.