Montana’s Most Googled Job
Searching for that perfect job has always been the norm. Almost from the beginning of time man has been on the search for that one work situation that would earn the most money and make them the most happy.
A lot of it, of course, depends on a person's personality, location and effort...
Would Paying for Crime Work in Billings? [Opinion]
Crime is everywhere, in every state and every town. More and more, it seems to be getting worse. We have laws right here in Billings just like everywhere else but the problem is criminals don't care whether they're caught or not.
How do we detour criminals from committing wrongful acts...
Montana Hates California, According To New Survey
The blog Deadspin just released a survey indicating that Montana hates California with a passion.
"Hate" is one term tossed around often by locals whenever I hear that someone from California has moved into our neck of the woods. Part of me wants to believe that Montanans are saying that w…