$1 Margaritas at Applebee’s All Month Long
Applebee's really knows how to help us 'eat good in the neighborhood.'
This is not fake news... Margaritas at Applebee's are only going to be $1 for the entire month of October! Also known as the 'dollarita' - it isn't a happy hour promotion...
Taco Bell To Open Locations That Serve Alcohol
Is there anything better an tacos? Yes. Yes there is.
Tacos and booze.
And everyone's favorite fast food Mexican restaurant is responsible for making this dream a reality!! Taco Bell is putting booze on the menu at more than 300 new locations that will be 'cantina-style...
Half Off Frappuccino’s At Starbucks
The Frappuccino Happy Hour is here!
Everyday from May 5th until May 14th Starbucks is giving you half off any Frappuccino from 3-6pm! HALF OFF! We're talking any flavor, any size. And if you have Snapchat you can join in on the celebration...
This Christmas Sangria Recipe Will Blow Your Mind
Finding a signature holiday drink can be hard because there are so many good recipes out there! I can promise you though, if you pull this out at your next party or get together, people will be asking for the recipe! It only take 10 minutes to make and serves six people...
5 Drinks To Get Your Memorial Day Weekend Started
This weekend is Memorial Weekend. Besides celebrating its meaning and taking time to be with family, to me it's a kick off to summer!  And nothing feels more summer like than a few tasty, ice cold drinks.  I was looking through Pinterest and was noticing that a lot of summer foods, fr…
The Most Popular Beer and Liquor in Montana State
We feel good passing this kind of information along simply because of the over abundance of snooty scotch drinkers and whip cream, cotton candy, foo foo vodkas on the shelves as of late. Montana's most popular beer is Bud Light...and our most popular hard liquor is none other than Jack Daniel&a…
Five Drinks Men Really Should Not Order
When you are young, you usually are trying different drinks out, and making a big time share of drinking mistakes.
There's no dishonor in this. Everybody has to get through it.
But, once you hit the age of 25, it's time to grow up and start drinking like an adult.